InnoWood InnoWood products

INNOWOOD products are predominately made from wood waste, helping to prevent depletion of forests through the sustainable use of renewable materials and energy management.

Cladding System InoSide

InoSide – solution designed for facades and soffit cladding. This system increases the longevity of the building facade and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Terrace System InoDeck

The InoDeck WPC terrace decking system is used for installing terrace areas, bridges or piers of any desired size, shape or colour.

Fencing elements InoFence

InoFence is a durable product which does not require periodic maintenance. It offers easy and fast installation, wide selection of colours, and unlimited creative freedom.

Raised garden planter InoPlanter

InoPlanter – this solution will keep the appearance of the bed flawless for a long time and will not require any additional yearly maintenance.

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