InoHouse benefits

Key features of InoHouse wood-plastic composite (WPC) products:

100% perdirbamas    Fully recyclable

Atsparus grybeliui    Resistance to the influence of fungus

Atsparus UV spinduliams    Resistance to UV rays

Atsparus vandeniui    Resistance to water, water steams, humidity, salty and chlorinated water

Auksto slegio plovimo iranga    It is possible to wash with high-pressure washing equipment

Be svino    No lead

Ekologiskas    100 % ecological

Lengvas montavimas    Simple and fast mounting by using usual instruments

Negrauzia kinvarpos    Resistance to tree pests

Nereikalinga prieziura    No extra maintenance and repainting will be necessary in the future

Temperaturos svyravimas    Resistance to cold, temperature fluctuations and impact of the sun